Excavator parts hydraulic pump does not attract oil

2019-08-15 205

The hydraulic pump is one of the many excavator parts. It is the primary source of power for the excavator to excavate the material. Therefore, whether it is in good condition will directly affect the function of the excavator parts, especially the excavator parts hydraulic pump can not be sucked up. The oil problem will directly lead to the failure of the hydraulic pump function of the excavator fittings. In fact, the factors affecting the hydraulic pump of the excavator fittings are not different. Let's analyze them together.

1. The inner rotor does not roll. Check if the oil pump drive system worm, worm gear or gear, inner rotor fastening screw or locating pin are loose, and whether the worm gear meshes with the spindle worm.

2. The rotation direction of the inner rotor does not match the prime mover, causing the inlet and outlet ports to be reversed. Admit if the machine is rotating in the direction of the job.


3. The oil outlet pipe is blocked. Check if the oil pipe of the oil port is blocked or damaged.

4. The inlet filter is blocked. Clean the filter to remove obstructions.

5. The inner and outer rotors are seriously worn and the closed cavity cannot be formed. Replace the inner and outer rotors.

6. The end face of the oil inlet pipe and the bottom surface of the oil groove cause the oil to enter poorly. Make sure that the end face of the oil inlet pipe has a certain distance from the bottom surface of the oil groove to make the oil flow smooth. Inhale air from the suction inlet of the pump. Make sure that the connecting parts of the pump suction passage are tightly connected and that there is no air leakage, and that the suction inlet is immersed in the oil of a certain depth. The oil level in the fuel tank is too low. Make sure the oil level in the tank is at a certain height.

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