Why should the excavator film?

2019-08-15 187

When the construction machinery is opened in summer, the heat-insulating window cloth must not be used. It is an urgent need of the majority of the machine to give the insulation film to the love machine. But the user who gives the film to the digging machine is simply Very few. Some people say that the reason why the construction machinery does not stick to the thermal insulation film is that it is afraid of blocking the horizon and causing the accident. It is also said that the size of the window of the driving room such as the excavator and the loader is so large that the cost of the film is necessarily high. So let me tell you a few reasons why the excavator has to film.

Insulation: The driving room under the sun is like a sun room. The sunlight entering through the glass will form a greenhouse effect in the sealed driving room, so that the temperature inside the car will rise and the film will effectively block the sun. In order to achieve the effect of insulation.

Reduce air conditioning energy consumption and save oil costs: The insulation film is effectively insulated, and it can maintain the temperature inside the car, thus reducing the air pressure for the air conditioner.

UV protection: UV damage to the human body is quite severe, and excessive UV radiation will severely damage the skin. In addition, ultraviolet light will accelerate the aging and fading of leather, fabrics and accessories inside the interior.

Anti-glare: Engineering machinery and equipment can choose high-transparent heat-insulating film. High-transparent heat-insulating film can not only ensure good heat insulation effect, but also filter part of glare, weaken the intensity of visible light, and help improve the operator's vision. To ensure safety.



Car cold box

In the hot summer days, the construction site is exposed to the sun. If the operation time is long, it will become abnormally hot. If you can drink a bottle of iced drinks, you will feel good. Seeing this, you may think of a car refrigerator, but the car refrigerator is expensive, and there are many inconveniences in installation, and the car refrigerator needs to be connected to the power supply, which consumes power. Here we introduce a car cold storage box, and all problems with this artifact can be easily solved.

The car insulation box, unlike the car refrigerator, is an environmentally-friendly and energy-saving appliance for refrigeration and insulation. It does not have the ability to cool and heat itself, but it can hold the temperature of the contents of the box. You only need to put the iced beverage in the cold box, the lid is tight, and it can be used with ice packs or ice cubes. The iced drinks can be easily kept for more than 20 hours. In Taobao 100-200 bucks, you can start this artifact, so you can drink iced drinks anytime, anywhere.

  Polarized sunglasses

Do you remember the feeling of the sun shining straight into the eyes when driving the excavator in summer? We know that when the sun is projected on the road or glass, it directly stimulates the eyes, making the eyes feel dazzled, tired, and incapable of lasting. Especially when you are driving construction machinery, it not only affects our work mood, but even affects them. They form a danger to the judgment of the object. Therefore, it is often necessary to choose a pair of sunglasses right or wrong. However, many users only pay attention to its surface when choosing sunglasses. As everyone knows, the sunglasses in our mouths, as long as they are not specifically pointed out, are some sunglasses that only have the basic function of blocking glare, and cannot completely block them. These harmful light, this kind of sunglasses is extremely low in technical content, and the defective lenses will even prevent our visibility.

Light sunglasses have polarized properties, so they can completely block the glare of glare caused by various factors such as scattering, inflection and reflection. At the same time, it can completely block the ultraviolet light harmful to the human eye, so that when people are active for a long time under strong light, the eyes are not easy to get tired, achieve the function of real maintenance, and can make the things seen more clear and three-dimensional. So, now you can start with a better quality polarized sunglasses, you will have a different feeling when you work.

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