Safe operation method of excavator

2019-08-15 165

1. When the excavator needs to move, the boom and bucket rotation arrangement should be in the braking direction and fixed by insurance. Check and lubricate the walking arrangement every 500~1000m.

2. When the excavator is working on the shovel, in addition to slacking the soil, the working surface should not exceed the maximum excavation height and depth of the machine's functional rules. During operation, the track of the excavator should be at least 1~1.5m safely spaced from the margin of the working surface.

3. Before starting the inspection, check the operating equipment, walking arrangements, safety protection equipment, hydraulic transmission components and electrical equipment, etc., and acknowledge that there is no shortage before it can be initiated.

4. There should be no pedestrians and obstacles in the work area. Before the excavation, the first sound should be heard and the test should be dig several times. After the recognition is normal, the preliminary work can be carried out.

5. When working, the excavator should adhere to the horizontal orientation, brake the walking arrangement, and wedge the track.

6. When large solid stones or obstacles are encountered, they must be removed before they can be excavated. Do not use buckets to crush stones, frozen soil, or harden with single-sided teeth.



7. Protective methods should be used when digging a cliff. There should be no umbrella edges and loose large stones on the working surface. If there is any danger of landslide, it should be disposed of immediately or the excavator should be evacuated to a safe place.

8. During operation, it is necessary to stop the body after the machine is stopped and then excavate. When the bucket is not separated from the work surface, it should not be used for swinging. When the brake is used, the rotary brake should be used, and the steering clutch should not be used for rotary braking.

9. When loading the car, the bucket should be as low as possible, and you should not touch the car. It is not allowed to load the car until the car has not stopped or the bucket has to cross the cab and the driver has not left.

10. When working, the bucket should not rise or fall too fast. Do not bump into the frame or track when descending.

11. When the operator leaves the cab, it is necessary to land the bucket regardless of the length of time.

12. When walking, the driving wheel should be behind, the arm is parallel with the track, and the swinging arrangement is braked. The bucket is 1m away from the ground. The up and down ramps must not exceed the maximum allowable slope of the machine, and the downhill slopes with slow speeds. It is forbidden to shift and shift on the ramp.

Article from: Excavator walking tooth box