• Repair method of reverse gear of excavator

    The excavator receives a large impact load during the operation of the rotating ring gear. When the excavator is tilted, the force state is more unlucky. Usually, when the excavator is operated for 35


  • Excavator fitting relief valve

    We know everything about excavator parts, but do you know the relief valve? In fact, the relief valve is an important part of the excavator parts, the following small series to introduce the role of t


  • What should I pay attention to when changing the excavator gear accessories?

    When the excavator is used, the excavator gear accessory plays an important role in it. When the accessory is used, it may wear and damage due to various conditions. At this time, it is necessary to r


  • How to reduce the failure rate of excavator gear accessories

    Just as people need regular body views to adhere to the same health, excavator parts also require regular maintenance, which helps the machine to increase working power and extend service life. Simply


  • Why should the excavator film?

    When the construction machinery is opened in summer, the heat-insulating window cloth must not be used. It is an urgent need of the majority of the machine to give the insulation film to the love mach


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