Causes damage to the guide wheel of the excavator gear accessory

2019-08-15 16:42:07

On the excavator, the guide wheel also plays an important role. It can reduce the impact of the walking process, prevent the rail chain from derailing, and what are the reasons for the damage of the guiding wheel of the excavator?

1. The guide wheel bi-metal sleeve sliding bearing has different shaft degree tolerance, and the crawler belt jumps and impacts. It is assumed that the standard deviation is so that the excavator parts guide the axle and the sleeve blank space is too small or no ground, the lubricating film thickness No or even no lubricant film.


2. The roughness of the outer surface of the guide axle is too poor. There are many metal ridges on the outer surface of the shaft, which destroys the integrity and continuity of the lubricating oil film between the shaft and the sliding bearing. During work, a large amount of metal wear debris will occur in the lubricating oil, which will increase the roughness of the shaft and the bearing surface, and the lubrication condition will be worsened, resulting in severe wear of the guide wheel shaft and the sliding bearing.

3. There is a problem with the original structure. The lubricating oil is injected from the screw hole of the guide wheel shaft end, and then gradually overflows the entire cavity. In actual operation, assuming that there is no special tool for oiling, the lubricating oil is difficult to pass through the cavity in the guiding wheel only under the action of its own gravity, and The gas in the chamber is not well discharged, and the lubricating oil is difficult to fill.

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