How to reduce the failure rate of excavator gear accessories

2019-08-15 16:43:35

Just as people need regular body views to adhere to the same health, excavator parts also require regular maintenance, which helps the machine to increase working power and extend service life. Simply put, four steps can reduce the machine defect rate of the excavator assembly and add its normal operating moments.

1. Work to view hydraulic oil

Hydraulic oil is the blood of the machine and can affect the entire hydraulic system. Unqualified hydraulic fluid can reduce the operating power of the equipment and even damage the excavator parts. The time and cost of solving the problem will far exceed the time and cost of maintenance. Hydraulic fluids should be periodically replaced and filtered to remove contaminants, reduce wear on the hydraulic components of the excavator fittings, and then achieve greater power.



2. Clean excavator parts filter and radiator

Filters and radiators are important components to prevent system contamination and prevent overheating of the machine. When dirty or completely blocked, the filter or heat sink can directly affect function and damage sensitive components. Therefore, adhering to the cleanliness and integrity of the filter and radiator can greatly reduce the problems of the excavator fittings.

3. View the engine

The engine is equal to the heart of the machine, which supplies energy to the machine. Pay attention to the external structure, load bearing and discharge specifications of the engine components. Clean and qualified fuel is a necessary condition for smooth engine operation. Inferior fuel will cause the engine to wear and sinter.

4. View all functions of excavator parts

The full function view is to view and record machine operation data, analyze and guess possible problems. The total function data mainly includes higher and lower speeds, movement speed, working pressure and the like.

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