What should I pay attention to when importing excavator gear accessories?

2019-08-15 181

1. Examine the excavator gear accessories in the list, whether it touches the products of special documents, touch the products of 3c, some products can handle the 3c catalogue, touch the o-certification products (engine, etc.); touch the inspection statement products (aluminum alloy wheels) ). This step is to determine whether the documents of the batch are thorough and whether the goods can be imported. The import cost accounting and time cost accounting of importers have very important meanings.

2. Whether the information in the list is thorough, including the weight of each item, the price, the part number, the applicable model, and the product are still blank, useful, etc. This step is a very simple question for the importer, but it is a very important step in the case of customs declaration, and thorough information can save a lot of time.

3. Prepare to classify the customs product code and collect the application elements. This step is relatively time-tested by the customs broker's professional level. According to the materials and information supplied by the importer, the corresponding customs product code can be quickly and accurately found, due to the type of car accessories and The name of the right and wrong is often complicated, professional customs brokers can pick up hundreds of items of customs products and declaration elements of car spare parts. Unprofessional customs brokers can't sort out hundreds of customs product codes and reporting elements in a week.

4. Please ensure that the outer packaging and inner packaging of the goods are qualified. Any fragile products, liquids, instruments, machinery, furniture, electronics, electrical appliances, etc., the outer packaging should adopt reinforcement methods (such as wooden frames, wooden boxes, etc.), the inner packaging should have anti-shock and pressure-proof filling ( Such as sponge, foam, rags, etc., and the outer packaging of the goods must be marked with fragile signs and directional arrows.


5. Customs inspection. Customs inspection of goods in the customs clearance process is an indispensable step. Customs inspection will open the product packaging and even pick up the samples. If the package cannot be opened, it will not be able to supply customs value due to the adoption of the right or wrong general trade method. Tax invoices, so please pay special attention to whether there is an input tax deduction.

Here, the consignee is required to supply the freight forwarder with the documents touched by the import goods declaration. These documents are used as freight forwarders to check the transportation of the goods, the operation and so on.

With the above-mentioned preliminary import documents supplied by the consignee, after the freight forwarder verifies the arrival time and address of the goods, the original bill of lading with endorsement is used to communicate with the shipping company/airline.

The original bill of lading with the endorsement of the freight forwarding can also handle the equipment delivery order to the shipping company/airline. The main effect is that the relevant operators communicate the credentials of the container and other mechanical equipment when the container enters and exits the port area or the station.

After processing the equipment transfer order, the container's goods can be extracted, then the empty box is returned to the specified return box address, and then the relevant fees are settled.

Not all goods are required for inspection, but all goods are required to be declared. Whether the goods need demand inspection, depending on the customs code of the goods, the corresponding regulatory conditions.

Customs declaration of imported goods General demand supply with endorsement of the original bill of lading / copy of the electric discharge, packing list, invoice, contract, goods information and other documents, of course, must also be specific goods, customs tax companies pay taxes, customs clearance.

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