Excavator fitting relief valve

2019-08-15 185

We know everything about excavator parts, but do you know the relief valve? In fact, the relief valve is an important part of the excavator parts, the following small series to introduce the role of the relief valve in the excavator parts.

1. The metering pump generally provides a constant flow rate in the throttle regulation system. As the system pressure increases, the flow demand decreases. At this point, the relief valve opens, allowing excess flow to overflow back to the tank and the inlet pressure of the relief valve, which ensures that the pump outlet pressure is constant.

2, can reduce system pressure. When the relief valve system is working properly, the valve is closed. When the load exceeds the specified limit, the overflow is turned on and the overload protection is performed, so that the system pressure is no longer increased.


3. The relief valve can be used as an unloading valve. The remote control port of the relief valve is connected with a small flow of electromagnetic valve. When the electromagnet is energized, the remote control port of the relief valve passes through the fuel tank, and the hydraulic pump is unloaded.

4, can increase the stability of the system. The relief valve is connected in series on the return line, and the relief valve produces an increase in the smoothness of the moving parts of the back pressure.

The relief valve is a hydraulic pressure control valve. In the hydraulic equipment, it mainly plays the role of constant pressure overflow, voltage regulation, system unloading and safety protection. Therefore, we should pay attention to the maintenance of the relief valve in our daily life.

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